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About Us

DigitSpace is an open source hardware provider catering to future creators. We supply innovative, user-friendly open source hardware products ranging from boards to corresponding components and kits for worldwide community of engineers, designers, inventors and makers who love creating electronics.

Full Line Open Source Hardware Products

DigitSpace is a one-stop shop for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other electronic goodies such as shield boards, breakout boards, sensors, kits, components, tools, etc. Whether you’re an electronic newbie or a professional engineer, we help you transform your ideas into prototypes and even products quickly and economically. 

By choosing DigitSpace, you can take advantage of our over a decade’s good relationship with worldwide authorized electronics manufacturers & component suppliers and get OSHW products at VERY NICE PRICES. Browse around our website and see how much you can save with us. 

Worldwide shipping at low cost

DigitSpace insists that anyone who got a brilliant idea deserves to get required products fast! We devoted ourselves to providing the best quality open source products and any other related goodies for worldwide makers and engineers at fair prices and short lead time so that numerous innovative ideas can be converted into products quickly. We work with FedEx and DHL to deliver products to almost every corner of the world. 

Sell Your Design on DigitSpace and make a profit

DigitSpace welcome any makers and technicians to sell their unparalleled products on our platform. Currently we will not charge any commission for selling customer’s self-designed products. Why not give it a try and see how much you can earn? Reach us by email to discuss more details.

Learn, progress and make friends at DigitSpace

Except for the purchasing products, you can also learn and progress your skills and projects at Our Resources section offers the latest product tutorials, inspiring ideas and inspiring projects. You can also connect and discuss with other fantastic Open Source enthusiasts & Electronics Makers by commenting on our website articles or connecting with us on Twitter & Facebook. 

DigitSpace is one of the most effective and efficient solutions to convert your innovative ideas into products. Come to DigitSpace and start your first product NOW!