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To support worldwide Maker movement and bring more cool projects into reality, DigitSpace presents you
Maker Sponsorship Campaign. Makers from all levels and all backgrounds are welcomed to submit
sponsorship request. Every request, whether submitted by professional engineers, electronics beginners
or hardware startups, will be taken seriously. We’ll do our best to provide the sponsorship you deserve
and make your idea come true.

Sponsorship packages

Package A


Supply up to $50 valued products.

Package B


Supply up to $100 valued products.

Package C


Supply up to $150 valued products.

To help us better understand you and your talents, please kindly answer below questions:

* 1. Are you a member of below platforms? If yes, please share your profile page on those platforms

please share your profile page URL

please share your profile page URL

please share your profile page URL

please share your profile page URL

please share your profile page URL

* 2. Do you have a personal website?

please share your profile page URL

3. Can you tell us one of your most popular projects?

Project introduction

Project online page

Project total views

* 4. Since you requested sponsorship, we suppose you already have some projects in mind. Please share the project ideas.


1. Please mark required items in an excel sheet with product name, quantity and webpage URL on

2. Arduino official development boards are not available for sponsorship. For projects demand Arduino development boards, we recommend use compatible boards instead.

3. Sponsorship for Raspberry Pi development boards are limited. We only sponsor 50% amount for Pi development boards regardless of the sponsorship package. That means you have to pay half of the Pi's price.

Project introduction

Estimated time (days) for publishing project online count from receiving sponsored products

5. What’s your most interested products?

* 6. Will you consider recommend us to others on Social Medias?

* 7. If we ever develop new products, would you like to have a try and recommend them to others?


1. Choose the package based on your project’s situation. We will take and verify your request seriously and inform the decision by email.

2. For each approved request, we’ll send a unique coupon code to redeem required products. The coupon amount is valid on products cost as well as shipping fees. If there's any price difference after applying the coupon, please take it by your side.

3. Sponsored makers have the priority to join DigitSpace’s future activities, such as Giveaway, etc.

For approved request, here’re things we expect from you in return:

1. Complete the project development, create project article and/or video within 30 days from the date of receiving sponsored items.

2. Mention our sponsorship and share how the sponsored items work for your project in the project article and/or video.

3. Share the project article and/or video on Hackster, Hackaday, Instructables, YouTube and similar websites, link sponsored items to corresponding product pages on

4. Share project article and/or video on Social Medias and tag @DigitSpace.

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