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Robot & Bogie

Microbit Intelligent Bogie Remote Control Blocks Kit Scratch Programming - Robot & Bogie..
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Microbit Robot Intelligent Bogie GoGobit Kit DIY - Robot & Bogie..
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Microbit Robot Kit Programming STEM - Robot & Bogie..
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Yahboom Arduino Bat Smart Robot is developed with well-known Arduino UNO as the core controller. Using the bat-shape integrated circuit board as chassis, the entire vehicle adopts high-quality rubber tires and an ultrasonic sensor to create a smart robot with bat-like appearance and bat-like ult..
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This is a programmable robot with a unique box shape, the size is about 100mm*87mm*70mm. The whole vehicle is composed of three PCB boards and three acrylic plates. Two wheels, the universal wheel and the PCB driver board are fixed by rivets, no need screw, no need welding. The three P..
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