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Order OSHW related products at DigitSpace is super easy! Following below three steps to get yours today!

Step One: Register (Directly login if you already have an account with DigitSpace)

Click the   icon at the top right corner and enter the Registration window. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, E-Mail, Telephone and Password, check the box “I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy”, then click CONTINUE button to finish the registration. You will be directly login after registration.

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Step Two: Locate the product you want to order, add to shipping cart.

You may locate the product either from the PRODUCTS entry or from the Search box:

-When using the PRODUCTS entry, move your mouse onto the PRODUCTS and cease on any category which may contain your required item, click to enter the corresponding category page. Find the product required and click ADD TO CART button to add it into shopping cart.

-When using the Search box, input the name or key terms of your required product in the box, then click   icon. All related products will be showed at the search result page. Locate the one you need and add to shopping cart.


a. Wish list is where you reserve wanted products. You can add numerous products into wish list. Occasionally, we may provide one or many products in your wish list as gifts. Stay tuned.

b. Product Comparison allows you to compare up to four products and pick up one which most fit your project requirement. You can directly add products into shipping cart on Comparison table.

Step Three: Submit Order and Checkout

Double check the product name and quantity displayed within your shopping cart. Once products are confirmed, you may:

a. Click USE COUPON CODE and fill in coupon code if you have one, then click APP COUPON to apply the discount.

b. Click ESTIMATED SHIPPING & TAXES, select the Country & Region/State of shipping address, then click GET QUOTES button. You will get estimated shipping cost using different Express methods. Check the option you want then click APPLY SHIPPING button. 

c. Click USE GIFT CERTIFICATE and fill in gift certificate code if you have one, then click GIFT CERTIFICATE to redeem the payment.

d. Click CHECKOUT button to enter the checkout page, fill in billing information. Double check the products, costs, shipping method, payment method, billing info before clicking CONFIRM ORDER. Make sure you check the “I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions” box.

e. Then you will be guided to pay the order.

Viola, you’re all set. Once payment is received, our agents will prepare all the items you requested and ship them to the shipping address quick as thought. 

Tips: As payment issued via Wire Transfer takes days for collection. To avoid any delay and inconvenience, we suggest anyone who pay with bank receipt send bank receipt along with order ID to us by email. Accordingly, we’ll verify the order and process the order first.