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Return & Refund Policy

DigitSpace carries out visual inspection on all products before dispatching. Still a very small number of defective products, either caused by manufacturing error or shipping damage, may be delivered to our customers. Please rest assured that all products offered by DigitSpace have a warranty. We offer refund or replacement of any ungraded products with a new version or a corresponding alternative, for 30 days from the date of delivery. 

If you get an ungraded product, please reach us by email within 5 days after taking delivery with the Subject “Ungraded Product Received for Order ID xxx” and high-res images indicating the product is unqualified or does not meet up to standards. We’ll take a look and get back to you shortly with solutions. 

If you intended to get a refund or a replacement product, please follow below guidelines when handing our products:

-Please keep the product package and or the box it arrived in. 

-Please do not put any add-on on the product.

-Please do not use the product or at least not cause any harm or decrease the product value when using it.